iVita (peg jump)

4.0 ( 7260 ratings )
게임 보드 가족
개발자: Shekhar Yadav
0.99 USD

*** more game plays then free one, if you have tried the free pegjump you must have iVita for real challenging levels

It is really much more fun doing the 21 and 28 pegs.. got game in you, try iVita ***

iVita is a replica of the popular board game peg jump or cracker barrel. It may be known under different names in different parts of the world and possibly has different variants. Some sets use marbles in a board with indentations. Now you have our version which is a fun iphone game.

iVita is a highly stimulating and engaging game that puzzles you till you have just that one ball left on the board. The randomness of the first empty hole promises to make the game interesting each time you play it.

With 3 board styles, and 4 backgrounds it will be always refreshing. Also coming up new ball styles, and board themes.